March 2nd, 2016


Don't try this at home...

Alternate title: One day I'll learn...

Repeat after me, self: You cannot change a major thing in a recipe and have it come out the same.

I was making my wonderful overnight oatmeal that I've posted about before, only to find out that I had no greek yogurt. Oh well, I could replace it with an equal amount of almond milk, right? I figured the taste might be a little different, but I thought it might actually be better since it wouldn't have the tang.

Nope. Totally wrong. Instead of overnight oatmeal, I had oats that had been floating in almond milk overnight. They got softer, but it wasn't oatmeal-like at all. Plus, without the yogurt, there was next to no protein in it, which made it a bad breakfast for me. Plus it was tasteless -- the strongest flavor in it was the almond milk, which has very little flavor at all.

I think I'll toss out the other half of the batch instead of eating it tomorrow.

I haven't had success in using any fruit other than bananas. (Not that I tried many, just apples.) I need to do some searching for other ways to try it, because as much as I love this banana version, I've been eating it every day for weeks now, plus bananas are a risky fruit for me (too high in sugar).

And this concludes your morning oatmeal report. Now to Joe with the weather...
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