March 7th, 2016

Book with cat: hugging book

Not a book review...

I'm reading such a good book, and I can't stop thinking about it. It's one of those times where I stay up late reading and end up leaving for work late because I'm going to read "just for a moment" before I go. I'm really, really wishing I had brought my Kindle to work with me, though wisely I knew better and left it at home.

A Companion to Wolves by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette.

It had sat in my To Read pile forever, because I knew it was "problematic" (oh how I hate that word). Now I feel stupid for having listened to that and read other things before it.

It's sort of like a mix of Dragonriders of Pern and that old Elfquest comic from the 80s:

(Boy is it hard to find not-awful Elfquest artwork!)

I haven't read the Pern books in decades, so I'm not sure how closely A Companion is to that world, but the basics seem the same. A wolf chooses a person to bond with, and a mental connection forms between the two. They live and fight together, with a group of other bonded men.

Unlike Pern, all the people who bond with wolves are men. Like Pern, there's a bleeding over of reactions during breeding times (female wolves going into heat). Related to that: I've never seen such detailed male/male sex in a published, non-erotic book before!

It's killing me to not be able to read others' reviews, thoughts on it, details about the next books. I want to dive in and read EVERYTHING online about it... but I don't want to get spoiled.

...okay, maybe this is turning into a book review. I better end this post now, or I'll have nothing left to say once I finish it and write the official review! :P