March 28th, 2016

Chocolate dessert

What used to be the best day, then the worst, now meh | Game: Stardew Valley

Last year I made sure not to go shopping today (or November 1st). The day after Easter. The day after Halloween. Half-off candy day.

To be honest, I actually forgot about it this year. Thus I walked right face-first into displays of it when I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Sigh. All my favorite candies, 50% off. Easter baskets. Hallow chocolate bunnies! I almost lost it. I almost grabbed a basket and filled it up and to hell with any later issues. (I've not had a chocolate or sweet in 19 months, not a single bite, yet this reaction was so strong I stopped walking and stared at it all.)

Luckily I only had to be strong enough to get out of the store. I told myself that, even though I'm supposed to not spend money, and even though I've not lost weight in more than a month and thus have to eat good, that I'd stop for lunch if I just left without buying candy. Surprisingly, once I was driving away from the store, I found I really didn't want the chocolate anymore. I was hungry, yes, but I wanted food, not chocolate. I miss... the feeling of it. Of being able to buy a whole entire shopping basket of chocolate because it's my money and I'm an adult and I can buy a whole shopping basket of chocolate if I damn well want to. Of owning that much "good" food. Of it being MINE. Of having a pile of it at home, that I could look at and eat whenever I want and as much as I wanted. That I do miss. But I don't miss the chocolate itself.

Brains are odd.


Because teaandfailure was too kind and totally did not listen to me when I told her not to get it for me, I now have Stardew Valley to play. It's sort of a cross between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon -- you make a farm, tend it, and if you like, get married to someone once you've built up enough of a relationship with them.

The graphics are very simple, but the colors and music are very attractive. I love the colors of the grass and land, so soothing somehow.

I'm on my 12th day now, though multiple times I was tempted to start over because I made some mistakes. A couple minor mistakes, but also two big ones, and one I thought was going to be a deal-breaker...

Collapse )

All in all, it's a very satisfying game! It gives me that 'accomplished' feeling to get all my game-tasks done for the day.

Now I have an egg festival to attend in-game. :)

Edit: BOOO the game glitched somehow. I woke up at 1 AM gametime, left my house, and the game said I was exhausted and sent me back home, charged me 150 game-dollars (ARG) and I missed the egg fest. ;; Hopefully it wasn't too important... I suppose there's always next game-year. :(

Edit 2: Got a fishing quest, noticed my fishing pole is gone. Guess I lost it when the slime monsters killed me. I had been wondering what else was missing from my bag after I died...