March 29th, 2016

Chi_ :o

Video mashups

isiscolo posted this mashup of Hamilton (the musical) and Batman.. Even not knowing Batman well, this worked for me. Such singing talent! A really well-made mashup/parody.

This second one was linked to me as a joke, supposed to offend? shock? me, but I loved it. Smashmouth's All Star song mixed with In The End by Linkin Park. In my opinion, this makes both songs much, much better -- the silly lightness of All Star made dark and serious. And the two seem made to be combined into one song.

I love it so much!
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WoW: Thistle with carrot

Quickie Stardew Valley post

This icon is actually a WoW one. I had two different 'farmer' kind of characters, this was for the other one. (Supposedly that silhouette is a blood elf, ha. Looks more like a demon of some kind.)

Anyway! I'm not going to make these Stardew Valley posts on a nightly basis, but I started the game over, so that's worth mentioning.

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