March 30th, 2016

Avatar: Zuko

Well c'mon work...

Man. My work network is touchy. Something about the comments on my last post got part of my LJ banned:

You're seeing this page because the website you tried to access may be hosting viruses or other malicious software. This site is blocked to protect your computer and the [company] network.

I'm assuming it's mention of m-o-d-s -- changes to a game. Not even a link to them or detailed talk about what they do, just that they exist.

At least my whole LJ isn't blocked. At least LJ as a whole isn't. ...hopefully I'm not speaking too soon.

Edit: kelen: I got the email that you commented, but I won't be able to reply until I'm home. :P And it was banned after my comment, so it's not based on the new info in your latest one, so no worries on that.