April 14th, 2016


Yay miles! Now I just have to fly...

My credit card miles finally came through, so I was able to book my flight to see my mother. Round trip, California to Maine, ended up costing me $11. $11. Round trip flight across the country. How amazing is that?

The dates I had to pick weren't 100% perfect. I'll only be there five full days there, not counting two travel days, she wanted me to visit at least seven, but on thinking about it, I think shorter is probably better. I've not gone on a flying-away vacation in 20 years, and only one 'leaving home but not flying' vacation in that time. I'm already stressing out endlessly, and it's almost two months away. :P

What if I hit horrible traffic on the way to the airport and miss my flight? What if I read my ticket wrong and end up there on the wrong day/time? What if I pack something I shouldn't? What if my luggage gets lost? What if my apartment burns down while I'm gone? What if I get sick before I go? What if I get sick on the plane? Endless stupid 'what if' questions.

Amusingly, the only thing I'm not worried about is the flying itself -- I'm not worried the plane will crash or something like that.

Even though I get a free checked bag with my mileage card, I'm thinking I might be able to pack so light that I can just take a carry-on bag. That'd rock, I think.

It's going to be hard being totally offline for a week. I'm online nearly every waking moment, other than when I'm driving. The thought of being without a computer for a week is already making me twitchy. :P (Yeah, I have a smartphone, but it's not new and the screen is very small, so it's hard for doing online stuff.)

Though the first year is free, the mileage card is $90 per year after that. I was thinking I was going to cancel it after the first year, but now I'm thinking not. If I can get enough miles for a free trip like this, the $90 fee is still worth it. (It'll just be much, much harder to earn a free trip after this first one. Just opening the card gave me nearly enough points for the trip, I only had to make one big purchase to cover the rest. From here on out, it's going to be all purchase-based.)