April 20th, 2016


Little life update

I've found an effective distraction from my worries over my upcoming trip: Dealing with pre-moving stuff. :P

Once my lease expires, I'm going to be moving. (I really, really need to look up when that will be. I believe I have a few months left, but I need to know so I can better plan.) I'm hoping to move somewhere where I'll be paying $1,000 less per month, which will mean I'll no longer be eating into my savings each month. However, with that much cheaper of an apartment, I'm going to lose some "must have" feature. Either AC, an in-unit washer/dryer, or it will not be in the local area. I'm really sad about that.

I'm also falling out of love with this area. I just cannot afford to live here anymore. Even if I get a promotion at work (which might not even happen this year), it doesn't come with hardly any additional money.

Anyway. That's not what I wanted to write about. While moving is stressful, I'm in the "fun" stage of it now. (Or maybe that should be "satisfying".) I'm going through everything I own, seeing what I can throw away or donate. (I thought about eBaying what I could, since I need money, but I think that would be more trouble than it's worth.)

I think sadly I need to get rid of most of my physical books. When I had moved to my current apartment, I donated 90% of my books (three car trunks full) to the library. I have less than one bookcase of them left, all ones not currently available in ebook format, but being honest I'll never read physical books again. There's no use lugging them around. Plus I have a lot of big hardcovers that I was keeping for the art, yet I haven't looked at in 20 years...

That will mean I can get rid of a couple bookcases, and I suspect my outside table as well (at $2,000/month rent, there's no way in hell I'll get a porch/personal outside area, so I'll no longer have need of it).

I'm continuing to struggle with my weight. I decided that having oatmeal for breakfast every day might be part of my issue. Since I try not to eat bread, what am I doing eating some carb-heavy food for breakfast every day? Even if I was adding greek yogurt and a few nut to it for protein. While protein bars are expensive enough to make me sad, I've gone back to having one for breakfast instead.

So, while things aren't all that great right now, once I'm able to move, things should get better money-wise (if not living conditions-wise). And it's good to know that my vacation will be very inexpensive ("free" airline tickets, staying with my mother, and she'll feed me).