May 25th, 2016


Exercise, sleep

Such a fun topic for a post, huh?

I haven't done my push-ups for more than a week, because I pulled something in my shoulder and it hurts to the point of I'm losing at least half a night's sleep over it. Oh, it feels 100% fine when I'm sitting upright, but as soon as I lay flat, it really hurts. No comfortable position = very little sleep. zzz I hate that I'm not doing them, because my progress is going really slowly. I'm still doing them on the edge of the bathtub, not on the floor yet. I'm getting closer to being able to do five sets of 20, but even when I do hit that number, I'm not doing them "deep" enough yet, so I'll need to wait more to get down on the floor. It doesn't help that I no longer have fun doing it -- it used to be new and exciting and cool, now it's just exercise that takes too long. Five sets of 20, with a two minute rest between each set. Lots of downtime.

While I hate to talk about my running, because it likely makes people think I'm doing more than I am, I'm still doing it and slowly improving. I'm setting small goals along the way. First one is 20 minutes, at least half running (so close!). Then 20 minutes, all running. Then I'll go up from there.

I think I need new/better sneakers for it, I use the ones I've been walking around in/full daily use for a couple years now. It's really jarring when I run. I suspect sneakers with more cushioning would help.

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Apparently I'm not wrong, that really is a thing. "Contributing factors likely include the physical jostling of the organs..."

Summer (or, well, any non-winter season, I guess) is so hard on me when it comes to sleep. I'm a seriously light sleeper, so the very moment even one bird makes a peep outside, I snap fully awake. There's some darned bird that is loud in the bush outside my window at 4:45 AM. It's not even June yet, it's only going to get light earlier and earlier (and thus wake the birds earlier). :/ My upstairs neighbor gets up at 5 AM, so I'd wake up then anyway, but still. 15 minutes means a lot, when you're not sleeping much! Plus it's an annoying way to wake up -- I hate that bird.

I've been trying to go to bed earlier at night, but that cuts into my very limited reading time.

Edit: Since I'm flying soon, I've been really worried about all these news stories about how long the TSA security lines are at the airports. I checked the airport I'm flying out of, and average line time is 20 minutes. I'm not sure if that's because our airport is better, or if 20 minute lines could really spark the amount of news stories there have been lately, or maybe the airport's posted average is wrong...