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September 1st, 2016

I went to pick up the keys to my "new" (temporary) apartment this morning. Turns out it's not just my apartment that didn't pass inspection. It's not just my whole building that didn't pass. Two buildings full didn't pass.

On the phone, they told me I'd be in the temporary apartment for a week. This morning they told me it would be two weeks, but no guarantee it wouldn't be longer.

On the phone (last week), they told me my apartment was complete and ready to move in -- it just hadn't passed inspection. I looked at it this morning, and it's not. None of the building is, it's all still a mess of construction. My apartment doesn't even have electric hooked up yet (no meter box).

The temp apartment is a one bedroom, while mine was a studio, so that's in theory an upgrade, but it's in a much worse location. Plus, even though it's newly renovated, the quality is crap. Screens missing, blinds broken, the door locks don't really work (from the outside/the keys, from the inside they work fine).

Plus the apartment I was moving in to has no mailbox. Yet my mail is now being forwarded there. Who knows what will happen to it?

Movers are due in a couple hours, and the apartment I currently live in is already rented out, so I have no choice but to move in there. I just feel like this is a very, very wrong decision. How many weeks will I have to go without unpacking my boxes?

Related note: I have no idea how I own so much stuff. I gave away and threw away so much, yet I still have 20+ boxes and a bunch of non-box containers of stuff. I have odd, strong desire to just throw it all out and run off and live in the woods or something.


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