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October 1st, 2016

Book #47 of 2016: Shadows of a Superhero

Shadows of a Superhero by Christopher D Schmitz
Rating: Okay (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Wow. My first Smashwords book that didn't suck! I've read so many books from there, and none of them rose above 'awful'. While Shadows of a Superhero wasn't great, it wasn't bad either, which makes it a winner!

It felt like it was a story set within some book series, but I guess it's just generic superhero-y enough to make it seem that way. It was surprisingly well edited for a self-published book, with only a small handful of errors, and most of them minor. The biggest one was a sentence with a missing word.

The plot was about a collection of sidekicks. Their hero was hurt badly and knocked out of commission, so they had to take over and try to fight the big bad guy themselves. A fun idea! The biggest downside for me was probably intentional though -- it was just so generically superheroish, I felt like I had seen these characters dozens of times before. The sidekicks were one big, strong, perfect fighter, highly skilled guy, one fellow in a wheelchair (the techie, of course), and a super-speed woman.

I'm afraid I lost interest in the story near the end and skimmed the last few pages. The characters never hooked me (see also: The whole generic superhero roles thing), and so it was hard to care about the whole thing.

Though Shadows of a Superhero didn't work for me, it might work well for someone else. It wasn't perfect, but it did rise above its origins story.

Reading next: The Hunt, the second book in the The Caged series that I started before this one.

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