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December 2nd, 2016

Warscapia by Garrett Boggs
Rating: Hated (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Written in first person, the main character sounded like an overexcited five year old. "I did this! Then I did that! And I punched him! Then I rolled out of the way! THEN I GOT INTO THE GUILD YAY!"

The story was set inside "Warscapia" -- a video game. Why the book claimed it was set in a video game and not just some generic fantasy world is beyond me... or perhaps beyond the point I read to. I gave up very, very fast on this one, at the 4% mark. Just a typical bad self-published book.

Tandem (Many-Worlds Trilogy Book 1) by Anna Jarzab
Rating: Disliked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

From the Amazon description:
To prevent imminent war, Sasha must slip into the life of an alternate version of herself, a princess who has vanished on the eve of her arranged marriage. If Sasha succeeds in fooling everyone, she will be returned home; if she fails, she'll be trapped in another girl's life forever. As time runs out, Sasha finds herself torn between two worlds, two lives, and two young men vying for her love—one who knows her secret, and one who believes she's someone she's not.

That sounds exciting and interesting, no? The book felt more like a bait-and-switch. I read to the 11% point, and in that time, the whole entire story was about a girl, a plain "nerdy" girl, who high school's hottest guy falls in love with for no apparent reason. It's perfectly possible that the story changed later (I suspect the hot guy was about to kidnap her off to that other world), but 11% of a book with two teenagers talking, going to the prom together, all that high school stuff... Blah. No thank you. Besides, clearly a love triangle was coming, so I probably did the right thing by bailing out on the story when I did.

The Erth Dragons: Wearle Book 1 by Chris D'Lacey
Rating: Okay (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Erth Dragons had an interesting story idea: Dragons are able to fly/travel/whatever between planets. A small group of them comes to Earth and is lost, so a larger group comes to find out what happened to them.

The writing killed the story for me. For some reason, the dragons call the planet Erth. They made "i:mages" of themselves, a "wyng" is a group of dragons, a class of dragons is named "De:allus". And nearly as bad, every dragon in existence had a name that starts with the letter G, so the whole book was G-someone does this, and G-someone responds by doing that, and G-someone looks on and comments this... It made it especially hard to keep track of who the characters were, since there were a dozen of so dragons and only two had any kind of personality/character development.

I gave up at the 14% mark.

Currently reading: Spin, which was a free ebook from the publisher last month. isiscolo enjoyed it, so I thought I'd check it out next.

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