January 20th, 2017

2 cats 1 cup

Protesters and Halo Top

While driving at lunchtime, I noticed a few gatherings of protesters. Silly me wondered what it was for (I knew people were protesting Trump in major cities, but this isn't in a city). After the third corner full of people, I was finally caught at a red light so I could stop and see well enough to read a sign and take a picture.

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Even as I was sitting at the light, the crowd was growing and growing. I bet by tonight it became an impressive thing, even in the cold rain.

And Halo Top! teaandfailure you were TOTALLY right. It's so much like real ice cream! Safeway (major supermarket chain) is carrying it now, so I grabbed one of the last pints. Seriously, there were only five pints left in the whole case.

Down side: Expensive. $6 for a pint of ice cream.
Up side: EVERYTHING ELSE! I can't believe it's not real ice cream!

The price will keep me from eating it all in a sitting more than the calories (280 for the entire pint!).

I can't believe how good it is though! I got the birthday cake flavor one, but now I wish I had snagged the other four pints as well (two vanilla, one strawberry, and something else). Mmmmm. I'm going to try to make it last and have just a little a day.