January 30th, 2017

Avatar: Zuko

More things Trump is ruining: My entertainment (and other random things: TV, game, dream)

(This is more a tongue-in-cheek post than a real complaining one. I know this is less than a drop in the bucket when it comes to problems caused by him.)

I keep hearing such good things about the The Man in the High Castle series, but I just cannot make myself watch a show about a world where the Nazis won. It feels way, way, way too much like what's happening in the real world.

I still haven't gone back to watching Designated Survivor again either, because of RL political crap.

I am, however, SERIOUSLY enjoying the A Series of Unfortunate Events series. (Ruin that, Trump, I dare you!) The humor in it reminds me a lot of Edward Scissorhands. The only "downside" of it is that it's so good I can't multitask during it, so it's taking me forever to get through the eight episodes.

In the Pokemon GO world, something happened to my game? Or something. GPS drift is so strong at my work desk, I usually get credit for 2-3 KMs of walking. Today, though the drift seems just as bad (I'm watching myself walk through the building, out to the parking lot, across it, then back, all without leaving my chair), I'm getting not a single step of credit for the movement. I wonder if they somehow closed that loophole? I hope not...

And in other random news, I had a "nightmare" last night, but it was so silly I really was just amused by it. In it, I helped my father (dead RL) at his moving company (wasn't his job at all), and we went to do a move for some woman. Her house was less than knee high, yet somehow when you went inside it was as big as a normal house. "Supernatural" things started happening... but they were so minor it was just plain silly. Like plant roots poked up through the ground and started waving around. Normal plant roots, so a couple inches long and thin -- not exactly threatening! Plus, for some reason, I brought my cat with me to the moving job... My father and I got scared and ran off though, and on the way passed some "priests" (more like MMO priests than religious) who were coming to take care of the supernatural problems. One got in my face all like "This is MY job!" and I was happy to agree and let him take care of it.

I was amused by that all morning. OH NO PLANT ROOTS