February 7th, 2017


Who needs to sleep?

Ugh. It's 2 AM, I haven't slept a moment tonight, and I doubt that will change for the rest of the night. On Friday I pulled some muscle along/between my ribs. During the daytime it's painful but I can cope with it. The problem is that laying down makes the pain intense, which is hell on trying to sleep.

Dr. Google tells me that pulls of the muscles along the ribs are as painful as and treated the same way as broken ribs. They can take weeks to heal.

Because of my surgery, the only over the counter pain medicine I can use is Tylenol, which I think is about as effective as waving my hands in the air. I bet ibuprofen would be tons better (being an anti-inflammatory and all). Rules be damned, I'm going to get some tomorrow to use at night before I sleep. Tomorrow is going to be hell at work, and I have a lot of long, cold night left to go before it's time to go to work.

I wanted to give it a week before I went to the doctor (that seemed reasonable for a muscle pull). If the ibuprofen doesn't work, I'm going to go much sooner.

Ugh. So cold and tired and hurting. Going to bed should help all those things, but the moment I lay down, feels like multiple knives stabbing me. Just breathing hurts as well, but not that badly.

Ugh, darned body.

Edit: Going to see the doctor today. Ow ow ow.