February 10th, 2017

cat talking

Paying $30 to shut my cat up

No, not some awful (and cheap) de-meowing process at the vet. I ordered her a timed feeding bowl. For ages she's been driving me insane with meowing nonstop for an hour or more before it's time to feed her. Literally nonstop meowing, over and over, for more than an hour. Hopefully, by putting it on a timer, it'll make her stop associating me with the feeding process and might stop her from meowing.

Unless she starts meowing at it...

Admittedly I have a lot less patience for the meowing right now, because I'm in pain. It's really tricky dealing with painkillers, when I know I have to drive to work and function at work all day. Last night I was in pain most of the night, and ended up getting up at 3 AM, since it was too late to take another painkiller.

At least the weekend is coming. Her bowl should arrive tomorrow, and I can take pills whenever I need.

The only downside to the timed bowl is that she won't be eating out of the maze bowl anymore. This one, with the center circle blocked off, since she (and I) can't get the kibble out of it:

That was fun to watch, and it slowed her down nicely.