April 13th, 2017


I seem to have lost people, I need new glasses

It's so odd. Other than one RP log posting account, I have had no new posts on DW since I started reading my friends list there (so like a week+, I guess?). Everything there is just a crosspost from LJ, but I know a lot of people said they weren't going to crosspost, so one of the following must be happening.

1) I lost track of people and don't have them followed over there.
2) No one has posted over there in a week.
3) People are crossposting when they said they wouldn't. (Not counting the people who said they'd crosspost for a short time.)

I think it has to be #1. I had almost 60 new posts to read on LJ (I missed reading for a couple days), and only 7 posts on DW. I knew that was going to happen when people moved. Blah!

On glasses: Anyone have any idea the cheapest route to go for new glasses? I wear mine for less than hour a day, only right before bed and for a couple minutes when I wake up, otherwise I'm always using my contacts. But I do need glasses as an emergency backup to my contacts, and my current pair is falling apart...