October 16th, 2017

Staring blue cat

Apartment update

Today has been one of the most stressful days of my life.

Apartment flooded, have to move out while they repair it. We have to move out "today" (before 8 AM tomorrow). Apartment complex didn't get us the hotel information until this afternoon.

First thing I did was google the name, intending to check the features, make sure it was pet-friendly, all that. The first result was Yelp, so I said hmm I should check that, and did.

An average of ONE STAR. Multiple reviews mentioning bed bugs. (Not to mention it was far away and there was no wifi...) No way I was going to stay there.

Contacted my apartment management. They said I could find my own place, but Apple is having a convention and everywhere else was booked. Sadly they were right about that.

While I was looking for somewhere, anywhere to go, the apartment management canceled my reservation at Bedbug Central, so that wasn't even a fallback option anymore. I didn't want to go there, but it was nice to know I had a place if I couldn't find anything.

Hotel after hotel was either booked or their prices were too high for the complex to cover it. Finally I remembered hamsterwoman had suggested Air B&B and that gonzostar has hosted rooms through it, so I checked the website. Lots of options! But man, getting signed up on that site took jumping through so many hoops! Understandable, but when your time is short...

Ugh. So I found one I liked and booked to check in today, then got an email telling me the host had 24 hours to approve me or not. And I had to be out of my apartment by 8 AM tomorrow, just over 12 hours from now.

Luckily the host responded by the afternoon, accepted me, and off I went to see the place.

It's so nice! A real apartment in a complex, not a room in someone's house. Two bedroom apartment, with kitchen and porch, for about $120 a night (tons of fees and such on that, but I'm not paying, so hey).

It's going to be so odd sleeping in someone else's bed, but it's only (HOPEFULLY) until Friday. My checkout is Friday at 11, and supposedly they're going to be done fixing my apartment on Friday, so... hopefully somehow magically that will work out. Maybe I'll have to bring my cat to work for a couple of hours. Somehow. c.c