October 17th, 2017


Where's Waldo? The Thistle Version

So the AirBnB place is nice. The outside isn't very good looking, but the apartment is a two bedroom one, all for me. I left my stuff and my cat there this morning.

First thing Ellie did: Tried to eat the fake tree. >< It had brown moss/straw stuff around the bottom, and she got a mouthful before I realized it. I hope she doesn't throw it back up...

I hid the tree in the second bedroom. Hopefully both it and Ellie will be safe that way.

I feel really bad leaving her alone there in the new place, but I had to get to work.

I have it booked until Friday (checkout time 11 AM), and I'm really, really worried my apartment won't be done by then. Or that it will be done at like 5 PM. I can't really keep my cat in the car for six hours.


In more positive news, I transferred the one prescription I take to Costco, saving money. I also am going through them for my year's supply of contact lenses, which will save more money. Yay!


The college class (Editing) I'm taking is still so very very hard. I keep thinking I should have dropped it, though it's too late now. It's really frustrating, because I can edit things! On that part, I get a near-perfect score, but on explaining why I make those changes, I flounder hard.