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October 22nd, 2017

He-Man and Skeletor Dancing / Home


I'm home in my apartment, though it's a mess. On Friday, the walls between my apartment and my neighbor's apartment were 50% gone. As it was the lower half of the wall, that was an issue... My cat could get through without pause, their kids kept waving to me... The same day the repair crew fixed the neighbor's side, which at least took care of some of the problems.

All day yesterday (Saturday) they were here. The wall on my side is halfway done, and most of the ceiling is closed up now.

I have no kitchen floor (bare stone, dirty and rough).

I have no counters. No sink. No stove.

My fridge is in the living room/bedroom (I live in a studio apartment). I literally cannot walk from one side of my apartment to the other, everything's stacked up.

Plus side: I unearthed my microwave, so now, for the first time in two days, I can eat something besides snacks.

Tomorrow they'll be here the whole day again to finish the walls/ceiling. They can't replace the counter/sink/oven or move the fridge back into the kitchen until the floor is replaced. I don't know when that will be.

Thankfully I can work from home, since I can't leave my cat alone while all this is being done. Still, I'm stressed to hell and back (and yet, at least I'm home!).

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