November 8th, 2017

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Book #37 of 2017: Terror Crane (Dawn of Mammals Book 2)

Terror Crane (Dawn of Mammals Book 2) by Lou Cadle
Rating: Disliked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

I rarely do this, but I'm going to start with quotes from Amazon reviews of this book:

"Where to begin? Ok, bad kids, unbelievable dumb choices."

"Not as interesting as the first book, ... more juvenile. Definitely more depressing."

"This book had less useful information ... and more teenage angst. I would have preferred more action and less crying."

"its a slow read. needs more action and answers"

I loved the first book in this series, but this second one was pretty much the opposite of that.

First book, I wrote: What a completely fun and entertaining book this was!
This book: Ugh. No fun, no entertainment. No drama (of the good kind, too much teenage drama), no excitement.

First book, I wrote: And, because this was an advanced science class and not a typical group of high school kids, I enjoyed spending time with all the characters.
This book: I swear to god, I wish all of the characters got eaten by a prehistoric predator. The teens got whiny and did unrealistically stupid things. One of the two adult characters was just as bad.

There were only two high points to this book: It was a fast read (what a high point...), and I was certain the author was going to do something, but he didn't. I was impressed by that. Also, he let one of the adult characters make a big, serious mistake ([Click to see what]The adult physically beat up one of the teenagers. The teen had been a monster the whole second book, a spoiled whiny brat, and another teen died to protect her. The adult snapped and physically beat her up until the others pulled her off the kid. ). I guess that's three high points, not two.

Mostly because of that spoiler thing, I'm giving the third book, Hell Pig, a try. Thus far it's even more depressing than Terror Crane, but it has better Amazon reviews, so hopefully it will pick up.

I really like how all the covers match so far in the series.