November 12th, 2017


Marvel's The Inhumans

Not owning a TV or getting cable, I miss a lot of shows. Not just watching them, but knowing the show existed at all.

Yesterday I spotted a "new" show from Marvel: The Inhumans. Turns out the whole first season ended already, so I found it online and marathoned it.

On one hand, it was entertaining enough to watch the whole thing over two days. On the other... Ugh. I wish it had been much better written. And better acted. And just better in general.

While I guess overall I enjoyed it, it had so so so many plotholes and issues. But then, it also had Iwan Rheon, which did much to balance out all the other problems, even though I really didn't much like his character at all. AV Club called it a poor, low quality copy of Loki, and that's what I had thought as well.

Man, this post makes it sound like I really didn't like it. It wasn't awful, but it could have (and should have) been so much more.

Did anyone else watch it? What'd you think of it?