March 3rd, 2018

Book with cat: Litterbox

The end of LitRPG books (2018 books)

LitRPG (people trapped inside a video game) books should work for me. I play video games all the time, I'd love to live in one, so LitRPG should be a great match for me. Unfortunately, the books are the worst of the worst. Overpowered male characters who have more power, fame, and money than anyone around them, with beautiful women throwing themselves at the MC for no reason... They're all just bad bad bad.

But before I knew how bad they were, I got a bunch of them. So now, like horrible little landmines, I keep stumbling onto one when I pick out a new book to read. I decided to do something about that. Last night I searched for them all, and tried them all just so I could be rid of them.

None of them were worth a full review. Almost all of them had major grammar errors on the first page. The one or two that didn't had other issues (writing, overpowered male MC, whatever). I'm just listing them here now for bookkeeping purposes.

The first three were all published by the same "boutique literary agency" that is "aiming to bring the best in modern Russian science fiction and fantasy to the foreign reader". These books had originally been published in Russia, and were translated into English.

You're In Game: Stopped at 4% (Hated, traditional)
Start the Game: 1% (Hated, traditional)
Survival Quest: 1% (Hated, traditional)
End Online: 1% (Hated, self-published)
World Seed: Game Start: 5% (Hated, self-published)

Partial book credits:
Point reached in these book: 12%
Previous abandoned book total: 395%
New total: 407%

Currently reading: Arrndgros. The most oddly titled book I might have ever read.