December 8th, 2019


Media week in review

In an attempt to branch out from posting about only books, I'm going to try to use isiscolo's weekly post format of what I'm currently reading/watching/playing.

What I'm currently reading

I decided to bite the $1.99 bullet and get the third LitRPG Fjorgyn book. Its editing is a little worse than the previous two, but I suspect I'm going to get my money's worth from it.

What I'm currently watching

I finally gave The Man in the High Castle a chance (well technically, a second chance) and this time it totally hooked me. I watched the first nine (of ten) eps of season one in two days. I told myself I wouldn't marathon it, it's too heavy for that, but here I am.

I tried it once before, but hadn't even gotten through the first ep. Often times I want a show that I can just watch in the background while doing other stuff, and High Castle is NOT that kind of show.

What is that kind of show? Big Bang Theory. That has 12 season, 24 eps per season, and I've watched it from beginning to end six times now. Every time I hit the last ep, I just start over from season one again. It's really a perfect 'keep on in the background' show. I keep expecting to get sick of it, but so far nope (other than the themesong, I'm starting to hate that).

I'm also watching The Great Australian Bake-Off, which is a mirror copy of the British version. I finished the Canadian version a week or two back. All three are exactly the same. The hosts/judges are different people, but they fill the same roles, so it's basically the same show.

What I'm currently playing

FFXIV continues to be my MMO of choice. I've been playing it about six years now. If I'm home, I'm logged in, even if I'm not actively playing. Like now. I'm making this post, chatting on Discord, and have a show in the background.

Unfortunately I got drawn back into Candy Crush. Which would be fine, if it didn't eat into my reading time. It's way too easy to go from "I'll just play a moment now and then" to me spending all my pre-sleep reading time on it.

My other phone game of choice is at least not addictive. Jurassic World Alive. Basically Pokemon Go with dinosaurs (but a much better game).