January 12th, 2020


Media week in review... and lots of Star Wars thoughts

What I'm currently reading

I really need to make a book post. I have a few abandoned books built up at this point. I haven't finished one yet this year. I hope that's not a sign of things to come.

I abandoned the one I was reading last night and haven't started a new one yet today.

What I'm currently watching

So many things...

The new Lost in Space season came out, but I realized I remembered nothing of the first season, so I went back and watched it again. I'm on ep 7 of 10, then I can start the new season. It really is such a good show! Like I experienced, I remember almost nothing of season one, so it's basically all new to me.

I finally finished Witcher. I'm not sure if I liked the first half of the season more than the second half, or I was just feeling the pressure of so many things to watch and so I felt like I just needed to finish this series. Either way, I liked it a lot, but I didn't enjoy the last couple eps. I need to rewatch it. One day.

Live TV: Even having just the most basic of cable really cuts into my time for watching other stuff. I spend an hour watching news, an hour on random early evening stuff... that's like half my watching time. I'm not unhappy I have it, but I wish I just had more time in general.

I'm watching two series in "real time" (weekly instead of binging). Good Place and Young Sheldon. Oddly they're both kind of similar. Both feature good-yet-flawed characters, both shows leave you feeling good once you're done with an ep.

No eps watched of: The Man in the High Castle or The First. One day I'll have time to get back to them.

Lastly: Clone Wars. I have no idea what changed, but like I was told, at the end of the first season it really gets good. It went from "I have to get through this" to "I'll stay up for one more ep".

Previous to Clone Wars, The Mandalorian was about the only Star Wars exposure I had. I saw the three original movies, but I was a kid at the time and it was many decades ago. So I've been having lots of Star Wars thoughts...

I'm bothered by Jedi. (Feels odd to capitalize Jedi, but apparently that's the right way even when you're just talking about the people.) I'm bothered by the whole idea of them. The idea of some characters (the stars of the stories) being so so SO much better and stronger than everyone else. Not just that they have light sabers that can block bullets, but the whole Force thing.

See, there was this scene in Clone Wars. Two clones and a Jedi were standing on a bridge. The bridge started collapsing. It was too far from either end for them to make it, so the Jedi used the Force to throw the clones to the cliff's edge so they could grab it. By that time, the bridge had totally collapsed and the Jedi was falling. So he (I assume used the Force) to jump across broken bridge pieces, two enemy ships, some guy's head, and landed on the cliff's edge in time to help the clones up. That's just so... "OP". So over powered. Where is the fun in a story about people who are so much stronger than everyone else around them? It seems beyond even superhero-level characters.

It doesn't help that in Clone Wars Anakin is sort of a jerk. Arrogant, and in the military and yet never listens to orders. His padawan (who is apparently a fan favorite) is just like him, but worse because she doesn't have the experience to back up the arrogance and nonstop disobeying.

I'm sure there are tons of writings about this online, but I wonder if Star Wars is some kind of self-insert kind of story? That people want to be stronger and better than everyone else, so they want to see themselves as a Jedi? (I write this knowing that since I have experience so little of the Star Wars universe, I could be 100% wrong.)

Or maybe it's just me. Maybe the whole Star Wars idea just isn't a good match for me. I usually like "normal" characters better -- the Average Joe standing around while Jedi/superheroes do their thing.

Oh well, I'm going to happily keep watching Clone Wars. I love the clones so much.

2020 books

Abandoned books. So many abandoned books.

We, The Lucky Few by P.S. Lurie. Self-published. Disliked.

I don't know why dystopian books tend to be so unbelievable. This one had a good setup. Oceans were rising and they weren't stopping. More and more land was vanishing. Most animals were extinct. Not many people were left. If it had stopped right there, it would have been a really great setup for the story. But nope. Instead the rich people, who owned what little left of the dry land, said they would save one person from each remaining 'poor' family. Again, if it had stopped there, that would have been a good setup. But nope. At the same time they announced that they would save one person, they said they would be shooting everyone else. Why? They were safe behind a wall no one could get through. The ocean would do the work for them. And, even if they for some unknown reason wanted to kill all the poor people, why announce it? Too much unreasonableness like that, I stopped reading at 14%.

Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig. Traditionally published. Rating: Okay

I read three of the stories in this book. The first one, about winged cats, was okay. Lots of things that didn't make sense logic-wise that you sort of had to just go along with. A few slow spots. The ending was very nice. Next story was horror, which I do not like. Third story was just totally a miss for me.

I think this author is probably just not a good match for my tastes. Abandoned at 50%.

CLAN: Birth of the Chosen One by Roger Kenworthy. Self-published. Rating: Disliked

The writing was just so bad in this one. I had to reread sentences repeatedly to try to figure out what the author meant. Abandoned at 8%, but I really should have stopped sooner.

Partial book credits:
Point reached in these books: 14%, 50%, 8% = 72%
Previous abandoned book total: 25%
New total: 97%