February 1st, 2020


Media week in review

What I'm currently reading

I actually finished a book! And I'm reading one that I'm pretty sure I'll finish as well! Wonder of wonders.

I need to post the review for the one I finished, but what I'm currently reading is The Institute, by Stephen King. Every time I read something by him, I always say I should read more stuff by him... then I never do. Going into this book completely blind, I had thought it was a collection of short stories, so I was so confused when "the first one" ended. Turns out, that was just the prologue, haha.

He's such a good writer. His characters have such life, such distinct voices. The settings do as well.

Only (small) downside is that my Kindle tells me this book is going to take me hours longer to read than most do. I'd say "There goes my book count for the year!", but it's already down the tube.

What I'm currently watching

I just finished watching the last ep of The Good Place, and holy crap. I spent more than an hour sobbing my eyes out. [Spoilers for the final ep]I don't even know what to write about it. It was horrible and wonderful and everyone died, but that was kind of a good thing for them, but it was awful for me.

I didn't really understand why love wasn't enough to keep them there. Even if you're bored, if you love the person you're with, that's not enough? Maybe I don't have a good grasp on what its like to live forever, haha.

Anyway, wonderful series, horrible (in a good way) ending. End Spoiler.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is kinda not working for me this season. I don't know if it's me or the show. Seems kind of... silly? this season. Which, okay, a show that features the literal devil and demons and such is kind of silly, but I enjoyed the first two seasons. I'm going to give it another ep or two before I drop it.

Because I just don't have enough to watch /s, I started a rewatch of Community and The Mandalorian. It's been so long since I last watched Community, it's like a new show. I love it so much! The first time I watched The Mandalorian, I multitasked through a lot of it, so this time I'm trying not to do that. Both are well worth watching again.

I watched a bunch of Clone Wars, and now I'm in the third season. It's been a slow start (I don't have the Star Wars background to appreciate the political stuff), but the second season ended so well, there's no question of me sticking with the show.

There's one thing I really appreciate about the Star Wars fandom: It might just be the fandom with the most info online. Whenever I don't understand something or if I wonder about something, the answer is so easily found. I'm so used to new or less popular fandoms, where most stuff is just fan theory.