March 16th, 2020


Media week-- er, month? in review

Man I fell off the planet, didn't I? I haven't made one of these posts because I have nothing to write about. Signing up for broadcast TV was kind of a mistake, at least when it comes to watching other stuff. And reading. And anything else.

What I'm currently reading

Oh god, it's been a month since I finished my last book, and I'm only halfway through my current book. It's a good book, I'm enjoying it, it's just that most days I have time to read only a couple pages. At the most. (What happened to my reading life?!)

Edit: I should note that I'm reading a metric ton of Animorphs fanfic. I'm working my way through the whole Animorphs tag on AO3. Thousands of fics! I'm not reading every single one, but I am trying most of them. It boggles me how much outstanding free writing there is out there!

What I'm currently watching

Erm. Random crap on broadcast TV? Almost nothing else. Like 6 eps of Community (loving it), and one ep of Clone Wars. Seriously, nothing else in the last month.

I did try Lock and Key, but it didn't hook me and I gave up after two eps.

What I'm currently playing

How are these stupid Candy Crush games so addictive? I finally, finally gave up the one I was hooked on... but then I played a different one and now all my pre-sleep time goes to it. Bye bye reading.

It's not totally the game's fault though. I stay up later and later watching random broadcast TV, and so only have a few minutes before I sleep, and so a few minutes of playing a game seems better than a few minutes of reading.

I need to get my priorities back in order!