March 22nd, 2020


Media week in review: quarantine edition

Having been working from home for the last week, you'd think I had made better progress with reading, but nope. I love reading, love books, love stories... I'm just so bad at making time for it. (How did this even happen?)

What I'm currently reading

Same book I've been reading for the last five weeks! At least I got like 8% read in the last week? (Oh god, that's only a few pages...) Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. I really like the story, I just never read anymore. How? Why? It's just so much easier to turn off my brain and play stupid phone games.

What I'm currently watching

Okay, this one I actually did better on. I watched the whole season of Netflix's Cheer. I thought that would be the kind of show that only I liked, but apparently it's popular as heck. Ellen had the crew on her show! It follows a junior college cheer team. It was such an interesting look at a life I knew nothing about! And the "characters" (people) were so great. Sadly it was only 6 episodes long.

I watched the first two eps of The Letter for the King, a YA fantasy series. It was sort of like a YA version of GoT/Witcher/whatever fantasy series. Just so generic and so very washed out. Like there were a few sword fights, but even when the other guy died from being stabbed, there was not a single drop of blood on him, the ground, the weapons... Maybe kids would enjoy it, but it was just too generic for me. List touchstones in any fantasy show, and they got all checked off here in the most boring ways.

Community continues to delight. On season 2 now.

I started watching Castlevania, since I saw lots of posts about it here and elsewhere. I'm only two eps in, but I think I'll stick with it.

Also slowly watching Picard, The Outsider, and Major Crimes.

Gave up on: Man in the High Castle (last saw season 2, ep 6) and The First (ep 2). Maybe I'll get back to them one day.

My focus is even more shot than usual though. I blame watching too much news and daily press conferences with the worst president in the history of the planet.

What I'm currently playing

Working from home, I'm pretty much living on my MMO (FFXIV). I'm online so much I've completely run out of things to do.

I really wish I could play the new Animal Crossing, but I don't have a Switch and can't buy one just for it. If I was getting the $1,000 everyone else is getting, I might splurge, but since I'm not I have to skip. :/

I suppose I should put some time into that genetics game I bought, maybe if I get the hang of it, I'll have more fun with it.