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TMIs of Life

My poor cat is sick again. For those not in the know, she had cancer, and while they operated on her and are pretty sure they got it all out, she's been getting sick on and off since then. Explosive diarrhea.

I went home for a stop in at lunchtime today, and something smelled ... funky. I went to check her litterbox. I know know how far explosive diarrhea can shoot out of a cat's butt. (The cat box has a "hood" over it, sort of a three-walled thing with an open wall to get in and out from. She must have stood in the cat box and had her butt facing the open wall.) Nothing like cleaning diarrhea off the floor, the side of the counter, and the wall. The rug is going to have to be tossed out, because I didn't feel like cleaning it.

At least she has new pills to start today, so hopefully they'll help.
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