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Shopping in the Land of the Rising Sun (or: No, I don't hate my mother! Really!)

Since I had some time today (and since I had only two items left in my Japanese Candy Bag o'Fun) I went shopping for more. I hit a new place today, which turned out to be highly cool and interesting. I don't recall the name of it (M-something), but it was a whole supermarket of oriental foods, not just a little corner store. (For those in the area: It was on Saratoga, just south of 280. Santa Clara, I'd guess.)

I could have wandered in there for hours. I wish I had brought my camera, but it probably would have looked odd for me to be taking pictures in a store, so I'm not kicking myself. I got sixteen new things to try for myself, and enough to send two people packages as well.

The package going to one person is a semi-surprise (and has more mundane and cute stuff), but my mother likes adventurous (read: scary) stuff, so I sent her wilder things. Fried green pea crackers, mango gummi chews, and two other things:

Can you say roasted crab? No, not refrigerated or frozen or anything, just roasted. Yes, they're real crabs, not crab-shaped crackers or something like that. (My cat was going mad trying to steal them.)

The second thing is making me twitch, even though it's already boxed up. Mmm, want some cuttle-fish? Again, "fresh" from the shelf, not chilled at all. Mmm, doesn't this look yummy?

Honestly, I'm hoping my mother won't eat the fish items, but I suspect she'll at least try them.
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