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Japanese Candy of the Night: Konukino Gashbell!!!

Before I start the actual review, let me first say that I'm happy to have so many good choices to pick from! Fun things! Nice candies! Not a single orange peels in sight! We're going to have lots of fun and cute and sweet candies (and other things) in the future, and hopefully I won't get poisoned even once!

So tonight's candy is not only a true candy, but if I'm interpreting the box correctly, it comes with a toy as well. How can you go wrong with candy and a toy?

"Konukino Gashbell!!" (the exclamation appear to be part of the name) means... something. Since there's almost no English on the box, I'm going to call it the 'angry girl, duck-faced boy, robot, cow candy'. Or rather, the 'angry girl, duck-faced boy, robot, cow candy!!'. See the front of the box for why. The back of the box shows what must be the figures that could be inside the box. I'm hoping for the most normal-looking one, the true cow (#6). I'm afraid of #4 and #5, the duck-faced boy, as well as #8, the ... um, "robot" that's really a Geiger Counter with a face.

So let's open it up and see what's inside! (What a collection of stuff!)

While I totally don't understand the figure at all, it's sort of interesting. The angry girl is hugging a fish that is as big as her. (Best shot of the figure I could get: One shot, second shot.) Also included in the box is a card with pictures of her and the fish from different angles (And a larger version, just because somehow I uploaded it by mistake), and what I'm assuming is the candy. The candy has no markings on it, and looks like nothing more than an antacid tablet.

I'm not afraid of this candy. This one won't give me nightmares! (Hopefully we can say as much of angry-face girl, duck-faced boy, and Geiger Counter robot with a face.)

Hm. Ripping open the package, I find it has a very strong smell. (...won't have flashbacks, won't have flashbacks, won't have flashbacks...) It's not a bad smell, in the same way that Lemon Pledge isn't a bad smell. There's some under-scent that scares me and tells the reptilian part of my brain: Don't Eat!, but there's the coying scent of lemon over it, beckoning me closer and to taste of it...

So here we go!

Hm. Instead of tasting like Lemon Pledge, it tastes more like lemon flavored baby powder. Really, really hard and dry, and with an aftertaste that the strong lemon aftertaste can't quite cover... but when compared to some of the other things I've eaten, it's not too too bad. (You know, at this rate soon I'll be able to lick street corners and think they don't taste too bad.)

So what does Konukino Gashbell!! get as a rating? While it loses a whole lot of points for the taste (My throat! It's burning! The lemon! Arg!), putting a toy into the box gains it quite a bit. Toys make everything better! And I will one day find out who this angry fish-hugging girl is, oh yes I will. So Konukino Gashbell!! gets a 7/10, and this scoring is dedicated to Nemo (whose LJ name I can't recall at the moment).

Question to folks: Would these reviews be better if I put a version behind a cut with the images within the text instead of as clickable links? So you don't have to go back and forth between LJ and catlove? Or is it fine as-is? Or do you just open them as new windows and aren't bothered?

Past candy reviews can be found here.

Edited to add: If you can read Japanese, more info on the angry girl and duck-faced boy can be found here.
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