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A glimpse into Thistle's head (Food-related stuff)

People sometimes think I'm odd for not liking seafood. I don't eat shrimp or fish or lobster or squid or anything from the sea. I'm currently watching a cooking show, and I'm seeing at least part of the reason why.

Fish-type-things disgust me. The guy is cleaning shrimp. Have you ever looked at a shrimp? Horrid, disgusting creatures. Little spider-legs hanging off the bottom, a shell around the outside, and you have to cut into it and "de-vein" it. It's not even really a vein (which would be bad enough), you're cutting out the intestinal track (which runs the whole darned length of the thing?), and it's black. It makes me want to throw up.

Lobsters have all those issues, but even worse: You have to cook them alive. That very thought, just sitting here now, makes my eyes burn with tears. Sure they're lower animals, but you are boiling them alive. It's so wrong and so bad and I hate it.

And plain old fish are just gross, other than the pet ones that people might have in a tank. Scales and heads and eyes (gods, how can you eat something with a head and eyes still attached? Can't you just picture the poor thing when it was alive, swimming around in the ocean?).

I don't want things from the sea or food with eyes or yucky hang-y legs coming off it. When I eat meat, I'm sort of okay with cows and pigs and chickens (so long as they get knocked on the head before being slaughtered, or whatever they do to them). Well, I'm not too thrilled with them, to tell the truth, but since there's so few foods I eat, I often default to chicken, pork, or beef. I don't eat much fruit and hardly any vegetables, and I can't live on mac&cheese long enough, so I have to branch out to those three meats sometimes.

Too bad I can't live on Diet Coke, popcorn, cookies, pizza, and sometimes various pastas... Those make me a happy Thistle.
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