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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Between a nosebleed from hell (over an hour of bleeding!) and that darned game, I didn't get to bed till after 2 AM last night. I still got up the normal time, so I'm kinda tired now.

I noticed a telling thing this morning: Usually when I get up, the first thing I do is sit down at the computer. This morning I started TDG (that darned game) first, before the computer. I've put 35 hours into it this week (which isn't bad, seeing how I put 50 hours in at work). I'm tired now though. I love the game, but I've had enough (for the moment). This afternoon I'm going to just hang out and watch TV and try to catch up on what Tivo recorded for me.

Next week is going to be probably the worst week of work at this job ever. I'm not sure how it'll impact my MUSH/TDG playing, other than I'll be grumpy RL/OOC.

...oh, now I feel like playing more. Sigh. If I only wasn't in what seems a forced-leveling area: the Calm Lands. And I have almost zero money now, too. (I got the thing there that you have to pay for <-- vague to prevent spoilers.) Guess I'll play for a bit. I suck.
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