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Bittersweet Bugland: July's Interesting Searches

I love looking at my web stats, especially what people searched for that brought them to Catlove. I thought writers might like to see how people were looking for their stories, so I'm sharing some of the info here.

HP Fanfic Searches

Cybele/If You Are Prepared: 6
Transfigurations/Resonant: 6
Bittersweet Potion/bugland alchemia dent: 11 *
Tea Series/AWS/Telanu: 12
Brave New World/Aashby: 4
Summon the Lambs to Slaughter/La Guera: 3
Breed: 2
Rusalka/Wear my Face: 2
Icarus: 1
Alice in Muggleland: 1
Contemporary Magical Innovations: 1
The Glory of the Hummingbird Peter: 1
An Australian in Hogsmeade: 1
Harry Potter Fan Fiction Fumigation: 1

*Includes searches for "snape/harry harry in cat form" and "fanfic slash harry snape gift cat" which seemed likely to be intending to find that story.

cybele challenge harry potter fiction
cybele fanfic author
iyap harry snape
cybele iyap
if you are prepared part cybele
harry potter cybele iyap

resonant fanfic

transfigurations harry potter slash
transfigurations harry potter fanfic
transfigurations harry potter draco
transfigurations - harry potter fiction
transfigurations resonant harry potter

harry potter fan fiction bittersweet potion
harry potter fanfic - a bittersweet potion
a bittersweet potion
bugland alchemia dent
bittersweet potion harry potter
bittersweet potion - alchemia dent and bugland
snape/harry harry in cat form
fanfic slash harry snape gift cat
alchemia dent and bugland
bittersweet bugland
bittersweet potion snape

harry potter slash by breed
breed fic harry potter

harry potter fanfics tea series
harry potter fanfics a most disquieting tea
telanu harry potter tea fan fiction
telanu wizard song
telanu a wizard song
a wizard song by telanu
harry potter fanfic wizard song
a wizard song & harry
wizard song telanu
the wizard song by telanu
fanfic tea harry potter
a wizard song harry potter fanfic


rusalka wear my face
wear my face rusalka

brave new world aashby
harry potter recommendation brave new world
bnw aashby
brave new world harry potter fanfic

alice in muggleland

contemporary magical innovations

summon the lambs to slaughter snape hermione
summon the lambs to slaughter
text short story la guera

the glory of the hummingbird peter -vries

an australian in hogsmeade

harry potter fan fiction fumigation

Other HP searches

Hermione comes off as quite the floozy!
draco/hermione explicit sex nc17
remus lupin and hermione granger nc 17 fan fiction
nc-17; hermione granger; viktor krum
draco/hermione nc17 fanfic
hermione porn pictures
snape hermione nc17 elf
hermione fanfic sex
hermione and lucius sex
harry potter and hermione granger kissing
hermione sex fanfic
hermione having fun sex fanfics
harry potter fanfic nc17 ron hermione
stories of harry potter having sex with hermione granger
hermione porn stories
hermione and harry oral sex
harry potter has oral sex with hermione
naked snape and hermione

Searches that made me snicker
decent snape/harry fics
harry potter/thistle
harry potter lust stories
why is harry potter acting like such a bitch

Searches that either scared me or interested me, I'm not saying which!
harry potter/alastor moody
wormtail falls in love
ron the sex god fanfic for harry potter
severus snape has sex with dumbledore
lockhart slash fanfic
fiction harry is snape s son
harry adopted by snape
moody and lupin love fanfic
the relationship between harry potter and mcgonagall
viktor krum pregnancy
whomping willow ford anglia fanfic
argus filch slash
marcus flint and harry potter having sex

Amusing Non-HP-Fic Searches
gay fucking simpsons
men with muscles are sexy
harry potter 6 facts and secret story plots
hentai for catgirls
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