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Sick, ugly

Part One: Think I might be getting sick

I don't feel awful, but for the past almost five hours my nose has been flooding. Really. It's like water is just pouring out of it. The people sitting around me must hate me, for I'm blowing my nose more than once every minute. How can I have this much fluid in my body? I should have dried up and blown away by now...

Part Two: New LJ style

I haven't been paying attention to whatever this new option is for setting up LJs. Some new style option or something. (My LJ is about the content, not the colors or the graphics or whatever else.) A few people have made nice ones, but most I've seen are damned butt-ugly. This shouldn't be so bad since I do most of my LJ reading on my friends page, but somehow this new style shows when you look at someone's LJ-cut -- so the info behind the cut is framed in the colors and the style of the main part of that person's graphics.


Since there's nothing stopping colorblind people with zero graphical sense from changing their LJ styles, there should be some option to override it and see the cut info in the old way.

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