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Cross your heart?

It's kind of disturbing and kind of cool (in a disturbing sort of way) to see the beating heart of something you love. Miss Kitty went in for her cardiac ultrasound this morning. I got to watch her heart beating for a while (in black and white, and sort of shadowy).

There was really nothing but good news: Her condition hasn't gotten any worse. The specialist doctor guy said it was nearly impossible for it to go away, so "not gotten worse" is the best we can hope for. For now, she won't need to go onto any life-long drugs. And also good, since this was a follow up ultrasound, the bill was only in the hundreds, not thousands.

Miss Kitty is now busy ignoring me in protest of having been taken to the mean, awful, evil vet. :)

Edit: Her name isn't really Miss Kitty, I just tend to call her that while writing about her.
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