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Eee! I feel loved!

sparrohawk made me a new icon based on the hp100 story I wrote this morning.

Title: Draco Malfoy's Most Secret Happy Memory
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100

It shouldn't be surprising that the Malfoys have a number of Pensieves. In fact, Draco got one of his own on his birthday. Everyone's favorite blond put his to good use, too.

"Out, out, out," the teen muttered as he removed memory after memory from his head. Potter besting him at an exam, the Gryffindor team beating the Slytherins (he had a few of those to remove). He hesitated before removing one last one.

Happiness. Freedom. Speed. Power. And oh, such pretty fur! And... bouncing!

It was a lot more fun being a ferret than Draco had ever let on.

Or on my page with all my HP100 stories.

Isn't that just too cool? :)
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