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Japanese Candy of the Night: "Pompompurin" (Lips Candy)

Continuing the "cute as heck and hopefully safe" trend, tonight we have Pompompurin! I'm not sure why I think this, but I almost believe that Pompompurin is the name of the dog character on the front and not the name of this product. 'Lips Candy' is written in English on the side of the container. (Oh, and I didn't crop that photo closer to show off my keyboard in the background. Look at my shift key! I wore an actual hole in it. There's only a broken off "flap" of plastic in place.)

This product comes in a little metal tin, with the cute as heck dog (wearing a hat!) on the outside. No matter how the candy inside tastes, this container is a keeper.

Unlike the other candy we've had lately, this one not only has the name in English, it has one of those "nutritional information" stickers on it. There are no ingredients listed, but let's see how healthy these are!

Vitamin A: 0%
Vitamin C: 0%
Calcium: 0%
Iron: 0%

However, on the other hand, all these bad things are listed at 0% as well: Fat, saturated fat, sodium. So what's in it? Sugar: 24 g. These candies are tiny (estimating smaller than my pinky fingernail) and they have 120 calories in each of them. I'm not really sure how that's possible, even if they were pure sugar.

Bah, speaking of sugar! These darned things make a *mess* on my desk every time I open them. They're covered in (what I hope is) powdered sugar, and it just falls all over the place when you open the can.

So, despite my worry at sandy white stuff (won't be salt, right? Promise me that! Promise me!), it's time to try them! Attempting the powder first, to make sure it's not salt. Hm. Not salt. It's not powdered sugar either. Sort of a waxy baby powder.

Got one in my mouth now. Under the white stuff is a hard candy. Oddly (very, very oddly) it warms up fast. Feels warmer than my mouth. Wow, freakily strange...

That baby powder/waxy flavor is still there, with a tiny under-taste of citrus. If not for that odd heat they seem to produce, these would be okay. Too flavorless to be "good", but boring enough not to be bad. (Hey, when you chew them they're a lot better. Almost like Life Savers, but in lemon.)

So their score? They gain points for non-deadliness, and more for a cute package. Let's give them a 9/10! A half-point lost for the messy powder, and a half-point just because.

Yay not dead Thistle!

(While rereading this to edit I realized that I should have known the white powder wasn't salt, since it has sodium listed at 0%. Silly me!)
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