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Arrrr! I want to be a pirate!

Pirates of the Caribbean rocked my world, baby. From the first moment to the last, I loved it. Amazing effects. Sword fights! What a great, fun story! And did I mention the pirates? Arrr!

Chia, when you return from your vacation you might have to fight me for Orlando Bloom. When he's not wearing a silly blond wig, he's a darned sexy man. And man, Johnny Depp. Wow. Even with a half-ton of eyeliner, I loved him. He was so much fun! Such a character!

Great, great movie. The only one bad part was not directly movie-related: I had ten eleven year old girls sitting directly behind me. Would you believe the adult with them went to sit elsewhere so the girls could watch alone? Of course they babbled endlessly (and hooted and wwooooOOOOoooo'ed during the kiss), and kicked my seat even after I turned and asked them to stop. Kids should be shot, or at least kept under lock and key until they're 30.

One of the previews made my eyebrows lift: I guess Disney is going to continue this ride-to-movie trend. Their Haunted Mansion is the next one up... though if they do it as well as this one, who could complain?

And Hyper, you were right: That Bear Brother (title? Brother Bear? Something like that) Disney movie looks like it might be good. Likely preachy, but gods, my eyes teared up a little just watching the preview!

There were quite a few other previews, some which looked really stupid (some skateboarding one, and one that was selling itself as a Dumb and Dumber knock-off), but there was one that looked interesting. Second Hand Lion I think it was called. Little kid (well, not so little anymore, that 'I see dead people' boy) goes to live with his two old uncles. Somehow they appear to start a zoo. Looked like it might be nice.

It worries me a little that the boss didn't email me back. (I sent in my 'forgot your phone number, but I'm sick and staying in bed' this morning at about 6 AM. I'd have hoped for a 'feel better soon!' or some sort of acknowledgement... Hope no communication isn't a bad sign...) And man, how I wish for a job with actual sick days! Normal people can take a day off here and there and not worry about their jobs! Bah.

Anyway. The movie was great (more than great) and I ate a ton of popcorn, so I'm happy. Arrr! Man, can't wait for Pirates to come out on DVD.
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