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Hyper tells a PotC slash story

Posted for Chia to see once she's back from vacation, but anyone else can look as well!

Hyper (peppygrowlithe)was looking for a German word that has something to do with animals and sex. I told him I knew it, but wouldn't tell him what it was. (Not that I really knew it...) So he tries to bribe me!


[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "It's something Orlando Bloom wants to put into Johnny Depp."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser *Perks!*
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Eh. Maybe it would be backwards."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Can you tell me what the b word is now?"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser starts to perk more, but surpasses the perking-limits and just falls over, drooling and moaning.
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "^^()"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser supposes Jack would top Will, but I'd like it the other way better...
[Channel] Pregnant Matrix says, "Good job, Hyper. You broke Thistle!"
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Okay, let's just say the boat is rocking fiercely and Jack fell, and Will "happened to land on top of him". Now that they're in that position, can you please tell me the b word?"
[Channel] Cur Hyper rocks!
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser cries happily.
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "It's just revenge for what she did to me."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "Describe more! What happens next? Tell me!"
[Channel] Pregnant Matrix is gonna laugh when the word doesn't start with a b.
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Well, um, Will undoes his pants... and, uh, Jack does too..."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser listens! More!
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... And, um, pull down his boxers, exposing his *listen!! Listen!!* his *B-WORD*."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Now, what is THE B-WORD?"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "If I tell you, will you tell me more of the story?"
[Channel] Pregnant Matrix thinks Hyper could've skipped all the gay story telling if he would've searched for one simple thing. But he's not telling now!
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Um... yes?"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser thinks what you're looking for is 'bieldru:de'. The "u:" should have the dots over the u.
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "NOW MORE STORY!"
[Channel] Cur Hyper sweatdrops. No, I don't think that's it. Although maybe they shortened it.
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "If this makes a difference, I heard it first not from a human, but an animal. 'Zat make any difference?"
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Yes, shiver."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser nods. Shortened form of bieldru:destruken. Eh, I think that's spelled right... maybe more : over the second u.
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "NOW MORE STORY!"
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Huh. So what is the word? "Bield"?"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser pants and explains more. Then more story! In German, you can string endless words together to make a bigger one. Like: sexcrazedcats can become one word. It's a verb, a variation on "to mate".
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "Really, you can have one word made of twenty. It's insane."
[Channel] Cur Hyper scratches his head. Oh. Huh.
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser shakes Hyper! You owe me! More story!
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... Ow. I don't wanna tell more story..."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "Oh. Well, that's okay. I made the word up."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Really?"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "Totally. Though the part about putting words together into one is true."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... If you tell me if the word is real, I'll really tell more story."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "You lie."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "I promise on my heart. @boot me if I lie."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "@boot and newpassword me."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "I'm really, really curious."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser sighs. Okay, okay. It's real.
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... Which is kind of disturbing."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Oh, okay."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... Um."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... ... So, then, er, uh, Jack moans Will's name, and Will moans Jack's name..?"
[Channel] Licked Shadow says, "Helicopter: air screw lifting machine."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser hushes Shadow! Go on, Hyper!
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "... Then the boat turns too quickly, and Will is knocked overboard, and drowns to death. The end!"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser beats Hyper! You suck at this!
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Ow! Ow!"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "And the word was really made up! Ha ha!"
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "Fine. Okay. Jack hops in after Will, and they have sex underwater, and before they die, they both learn that not being able to breathe *does* make an orgasm better. Happy?"
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser laughs. Yes!
[Channel] Pregnant Matrix says, "...So, was the word really made up or really fake? I'm confused."
[Channel] Dr. Thistle-Chaser says, "Fake."
[Channel] Cur Hyper says, "C'mon! I gave you a sexy slash fic! Give me a real word!"
[Channel] Pregnant Matrix gives Hyper the word 'Sucker'.
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