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Roasted Crab and Dried Cuttlefish

Late in July, I sent a package of Japanese stuff to my mother. From the post on what I was sending:

Can you say roasted crab? No, not refrigerated or frozen or anything, just roasted. Yes, they're real crabs, not crab-shaped crackers or something like that. (My cat was going mad trying to steal them.)

The second thing is making me twitch, even though it's already boxed up. Mmm, want some cuttle-fish? Again, "fresh" from the shelf, not chilled at all. Mmm, doesn't this look yummy?

Honestly, I'm hoping my mother won't eat the fish items, but I suspect she'll at least try them.

As I suspected, she did try it. I promised I would share what she said if she did, so here are her comments. She tried both the fish and the crabs and wrote:

Did I tell you that I got my box before I left for Maine? You were to bold with my taste buds! Ichhhh! That fish stuff must have been meant for strange chinese dishes??

(I asked if she really tried them.)

Yes I surely tried them, you know me. They tasted icky fishy.

So there we go. This good trying braveness (read: stupidity) must run in the family!
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