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Style and Pirate of the Catibbean

First, the night's success:

Pirate of the Catibbean: "Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate's life for me!"! (Please note that I worked without a reference picture, and clothing folds are hard enough to do *with* a picture...) Ever since I set my new LJ name, I've had this image of a bunch of pirate-cats sitting around on a beach, singing and drinking. Maybe eventually I'll get a collection of pictures...

Second, the night's failures:

* Drawing a "thistle-snitch". That should have been the easy picture! I'm amazed I drew and drew and drew, but couldn't make anything look even close to right.

* LJ stylin', part one: Fixing a bug that's been in place since I made my first style. (My 'go back 20 links' only goes back 20, never 40, 60, whatever.) Spent two hours on this, and couldn't fix it. Oh, how I hate LJ's style system.

* LJ stylin', part two: While looking for the fix to the issue in the above problem, I decided to make my "current music" into "current background noise". Failed. Failed so bad I broke my whole LJ. Panicked. Eventually recovered it. (Unlike MUSH coding, it's impossible to keep older versions of LJ style work. It's text entered into any one (or more) of thirty or so text boxes.) Have I mentioned that I hate LJ's style system?
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