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Grr, mutter, stupid spamming kids

I've had to leave most of the PotC communities I joined over the last couple days. Somewhere on AOL, a chatroom must have been punctured and leaked its users all across the PotC fandom. Posts of this quality are cross-posted across three groups!

johnny depp has no idea how many women(and men) are having orgasms right now because of him.

Well thank you for that well-written and insightful post! Please log off, and do not return to the Internet until you can use your damned shift key. I just don't get people: "It's easier to type in all lower case!", "It's faster to type this way!" Like damned hell it is. Just how lazy do you have to be not to use the shift key? Grr grr grr.

Pant, pant.
Why yes, I do seem to be PMSing. Why do you ask?

I semi-colorized my pirate cat picture from yesterday. Here. Deciding mid-way through that I'd make an icon of it, I did the lower bit less carefully than the upper two-thirds. The scabbard makes me snicker -- I changed the sword midway through drawing and forgot to change that as well.

I drew the captain tonight, but I'm not happy with her so I'm not scanning it. Face came out all wrong. I think it's the head shape... Also, I realized I didn't know what a female pirate would wear (maybe the same thing as male ones?), so she ended up in a wide-sleeved, low cut dress with a keen sash (sash? right term? Tied just around her middle, not across her shoulder). She actually looks a lot more like a prostitute than a captain... (Now *there's* an idea for a ship of pirates! Captain Hooker! ...oh, wait.)

Lastly, I think my cat has gone off her rocker or something. She's a very loving cat in general, but it's become insane the last couple days. She wants physical contact with me all the time. She has to be in whatever room I'm in. She's acting like one of those paranoid dogs that can't be away from their owners. I wouldn't mind this so much if she didn't do things like sit in front of me while I'm walking. She's a little cat! It's too easy to step on her or kick her by mistake and hurt her!
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