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Why do I keep doing this?

I need to stop skimming summaries. Just read the title, move on if it's not a series I'm currently reading.

More Chapter Owl fun!

Kingdom of Dreams by xX_zuriel_Xx: Chapter 01

The Weasleys are rich and Scots. Malfoy is very rich and English. War .Ginny is the stepsister of Hermione. Harry is the stepbrother of Draco. Crabbe and Goyle are at the side of Arthur Weasley. Ginny and Hermione get kidnapped by the Dragon to make Arthur surrender without fighting...... guess what ? not everything goes as planned... and oh ! I forgot! It happens in medieval times and there is no magic ( no wands), but it is 100% D/G , 100% romance
Garments and Critters by Natt:

Severus is tortured by his husband, Harry Potter, and their son on his and Harry's anniversary with gift exchange and puppies.

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