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Quiet, you!

Many writers and RPers know the feeling of having someone else in your head. A character. A few characters. When writing or RPing, this is a good thing, it makes the task at hand easier to do and makes the results better. However, when the character is dead and isn't ever coming back (hear that, Jack?) it's not such a good thing.

Jack (a RP character) was a cop who made some really bad choices. Got himself into something really deep and was human enough not to be able to get himself out of it. He ended up dead at the bad guys' hands. (Hear that, Jack? You're dead. Dead. Not coming back.)

For some odd reason, he will not leave my head. He sits in That Chair in That Room (evilgrayson will know which one that is), leaning slightly forward like an eager little boy. He smiles and he waits patiently, his hands on the chair's arms. Now and then he reaches forward and taps on the glass to get my attention. He's so damned nice and so damned patient and he just smiles this semi-confused little smile at me, I haven't had the heart to snap at him.

But really, it's getting too much. His storyline is over, he's dead and gone and he just doesn't understand that.

Bah. Maybe I need to write a story about him or something... but then that might just encourage him...
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