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More amusement!

We've been checking that name-test thing for various folks on the MUSH. This is too funny.

Brennan should have looked up Hauser's name!
From the Celtic root meaning "Ugly Brute"
Hauser drives over old ladies at intersections.
Hauser just might kill you.

From the Ancient Egyptian root meaning "Vain Asshole"
Sly has a nasty temper.
Sly is rude and disruptive.

From the Arabic root meaning "Voyeur"
Grayson might die without Kenny G.
Grayson pretends to be your friend.
Grayson is a cracker short of a box.

Peppy's is pretty right, too:
Peppy will never have sex again- ever.
Peppy cries over spilled milk.
Peppy isn't fond of thinking.

And, of course, Lee:
Lee has a thing for Peter Pan. (Heeheehee!)

By 9:15 this morning, I was all done with all my laundry and other assorted work. There's nothing like the feeling of being done with your weekend's work before most folks are even awake!
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