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Though it's about a half-hour out of the way, I went to Boston Market for dinner (which made me wonder where hamburger is tonight). Oh boy, what good chicken! Worth the long post-work drive down sucky-as-hell-at-rushhour ECR.

While chicken nearly always satisfies my meat cravings, I'm starting to feel guilty about it. I blame quasilemur and that LJ conversation we had a while back (something about killing bugs and meat and all that). I don't even remember the details of it, but I'm really starting to feel the need to strike chicken from my menu, too. I mean, you can see the legs and the wings... it's too easy to imagine the thing still having feathers and a head and eyes and all those alive-things.

So I basically don't eat beef, eat pork really rarely, and now I'm going to drop chicken? If only I ate vegetables, I could be a vegetation. Not eating meat and not eating veggies is tough though. What am I down to, popcorn, pasta, and the occasional Japanese sweet? Well, I eat lots of American sweets too, but I'd rather cut those out of my diet, not make them a greater part...

Like most of my food likes/dislikes, I don't like tofu because I've never tried it. Fish I'm not willing to try, but tofu I am. That seems odd. (And yes, I don't like fish because I've never tried it (other than shrimp once), but while I know it's good for me, I'm still not willing to try it. Other things I'm open to being open to, but not fish. Yuck, blech, twitch.)

This is going to take more thought...
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