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Saturday Morning Cartoons

It struck me as strange that it doesn't strike me as strange that I still love watching Saturday morning cartoons. I sit down at 8 and watch them until 11. When lucky (read: When I have food on hand), I have breakfast while watching.

The only way this morning could have been better would have been if I hadn't had to do laundry (and deal with a problem player on the MUSH, grr). Laundry was done from 8-9:30 though, and so now is all finished and out of the way, so that's good. I'm really getting grossed out at having to use the laundry room here in our apartment complex: Nothing like seeing what can't be anything but pubic hair on the machines, plus the machines are just dirty in general (dust and old soap and such). But it's the hair that's the worst. Blech!

I don't often describe food as "lovely", but I had some lovely cornbread muffins for breakfast. Mmmm. Love cornbread. Love how grainy it is.

Back to the cartoons!
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