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So *that's* where Sirius ended up!

I love Playmobil toys, especially the animals. My last purchase was a "Family Pets" set (two dogs, two cats, a parrot, and some stuff for them -- baskets, doghouse, etc). As often happens with these things, they ended up on the top of my computer with other figures and such. The pirate got a parrot, and I put one of the dogs with the wolf. A couple hours later I looked up at the newly arranged collection, and snickered. Not only do I apparently have Padfoot and Moony, just by chance I placed them right in front of Scabbers.


From left to right: Biker Ken (hey, he may be smooth, but he's dressed from head to foot in leather!), Lockhart (back), Angry Fish Girl (front), then the Playmobil pirate and parrot, then three-quarters of MWPP, and lastly a random orange cat.
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