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If I'd been a bit of pork...

me that I don't want
to think about maybe if I'd
been a bit of pork

(From hamburger's haiku-meme thingie. If I ever write an autobiographical book, it will be called If I'd Been a Bit of Pork.)

I shopped till I dropped, almost literally! Those who have been following my LJ a while know that if I don't eat on a semi-regular basis, I sometimes get dizzy. Well, half of a salad is apparently not enough to hold me past dinner time. When almost done with my shopping I just totally lost my "focus". I stood there and stared at the milk for minutes (long enough for someone to come by and ask if I needed help), just trying to decide if I should buy a container or not. Silly me.

But the story has a happy ending, and I got home with the groceries. Lots and lots of them. I got a couple ears of corn on the cob for dinner (they were very, very good -- crunchy and sweet, just two bad I couldn't finish two), and some fresh french bread which I'm going to sample when done posting. But best of all.. blueberries were on sale! I got a giant container (2.5 pounds!). I think blueberries are my favorite fruit. I got whipped cream to go on them, but they're too wonderful by themselves to add anything. I also bought "dinosaur eggs" (which I believe is a type of plum, but they do look just like dinosaur eggs, just smaller). I've had them before, they're good.

I got some salad and some eggs and some pastas for later in the week. Oh, and two giant honking chunks of cheese. Some other fruits as well. I looked at the veggies for a long time, but had already spent longer in the fruit/veggie section than I ever had before and lost patience before picking something to take home and cook.

(Oh, and I know tonight's dinner isn't balanced, but I'm too hot and tired to care much. :) Hopefully tomorrow will be better.)

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