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*sniffle* Put down by a meme!

Well, here's a cheery thought:

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:thistle-chaser
Your haiku:the internet fools
me into thinking that i
can be effective
Created by Grahame

Breakfast: Usual. (Cheerios and milk. Mmm.)

Lunch: Salad from Wendy's. Surprisingly, it was much better than my salad yesterday from a "mom and pop" place. Same thing again though: It was twice as much as I could eat, and this comes from someone who can eat a darned big meal. Ate half. Didn't eat the tomatoes (even though they were a different kind), took the seeds out of the cucumber slices and they were much better. I didn't *like* them, but I ate more than half of them.

Dinner will be: Cheese raviolis. Mmm. They're at home in the fridge waiting.

Brought some blueberries to work with me, and wouldn't you know the container opened up in my backpack? So I had to throw half out, but the other half made fine snacks through the day. ...oh, drat. It's only 2:45, I thought the day was done. Hungry. I'll hit the kitchen for peanuts&raisins later.

Oh, last thought: I never for the life of me would have believed that you can get full from eating a salad, but that has in fact happened twice in the last two days. How odd is that?
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